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If you are running into any issues on your vSphere Data Protection appliance in your environment and if you would like to get a quick response or get certain queries clarified, you can post your questions below. Each question is reviewed and addressed by me, so please bear if there is a slight delay in response due to the incoming volume.

Terms and Conditions:

Disclaimer: My organization or I will not be held responsible for any environment break that occurs based on the recommendations. Each component behavior is built into the larger vSphere environment, and changing Settings in A might / might not cause a break on Settings in B. I assume the person asking the question has a valid latest backup of the appliance and environment to perform a restore in case of a production down.

If you have a valid VMware Support Contract, please raise a case with them for official confirmation.

I will not host a screen share / web ex to fix issues on either your production or your lab environments. Basic issue diagnosis and fix will be provided over exchange of emails. If a screen share is insisted by the person raising the question, I will not take control over your environment and the session would be solely driven by the host.

I will not address a status of the case that is open with VMware support irrespective of the case being under my ownership or not. Comments and suggestions can be provided on the troubleshooting steps or where-to-look for the issue, but this will not hold me accountable for the impact / response time / case progress of the VMware ticket.

The host of this website has the rights to change / alter the Terms and Conditions whenever necessary.

The user has to submit his email address while filling the below form to receive an answer for the posted question. Under no circumstance will this email address be published. There will be no screenshots captured of the email conversation and the email conversation is private and accessible strictly between the site author and the person raising the query.

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