Sturgeon Point - Call Out for Volunteers
Sturgeon Point is a unique community with lots to offer - swimming, sailing, golfing, a historical church, lots of family fun and social activities.

Volunteers are in important part of the success in the community and participation goes a long way to help events run smoothly.

Volunteering also gives you a chance to connect and find out more about the people and places at Sturgeon Point. When you give your time, you also help save on operating costs for these non-profit organizations.

We are looking for YOUR support to give back to the very spaces and events that you, your friends and family all enjoy.

Whether you sign up for something small like clean up after the July 1st BBQ, or step up for something more involved such as being a Board Member on a committee, your commitment to the community and a willingness to work for the betterment of Sturgeon Point will be appreciated!

Feel free to put forward the names of those in your household that you know will be willing to pitch in.

For each of the groups (Church, Golf Course, Sailing Club and SPA), your info will be passed along accordingly.

NOTE: There is an urgent need for a volunteer to take on the role of running the swimming and canoe races on the Civic Holiday long weekend. This event may be cancelled this year if there is no organizer.

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Sturgeon Point Association (SPA)
Volunteers are needed for a variety of events including gardening, social events and the Civic Holiday weekend. Feel free to sign up yourself or others in your family for more than one!
The Park in the Woods Clean Up - Saturday, June 16th 11am. Sweep and tidy up the inside the shed /potty house, tidy up park and wipe down furniture, repair broken bench, remove broken table and fix basketball net (parts have been purchased).
Public Beach - Sunday, June 17th 11am. Put out umbrellas, wipe down furniture, tidy, weed and sweep.
Upper Wharf - Sunday, June 17th 11am. Tend to gardens, clean debris, put out hose and furniture, and fix bike rack at the wharf.
Plant donations - for the Public Beach and Upper Wharf.
Canada Day BBQ - Sunday, July 1st
The first gathering of friends and family in the community. Celebrate what it means to be a Canadian by pitching in!
Canada Day jobs
Civic Holiday Weekend (Aug.4-6)
Lots of events happening that weekend!
Civic Holiday
Sturgeon Point Union Church - looking for volunteers to provide refreshments after church. Services are in July and August.
Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club (SLSC) - volunteers
Sturgeon Point Golf Club - volunteers for a variety of golf-related social events and course beautification.
Board Member - The Golf Club, the Church and SPA all run through volunteer boards. Do you have a skill, passion or interest that would be an asset to any one of these organizations? Check all that interest you:
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