#NursePlatform Legislative Sign On for Elected Officials

Now is the time to stand with nurses to demand that nurses have a say in the decisions being made about our patients and profession in Pennsylvania’s recovery plan. We need decision-makers to work with us to implement our #NursePlatform: The Nurse Plan for Pennsylvania’s Recovery.

It’s time to put patient and public health advocacy above partisan politics. Pennsylvania’s legislators cannot continue to plan a pandemic recovery without nurses.

If you are committed to work with nurses to implement our #NursePlatform, use this form to sign-on and we ask you to cosponsor accompanying legislation.

If you are a nurse who wants your legislator to support the platform, please do *not* fill out this form, as this is only for legislators make a commitment to support.

Once you complete those two steps we will list you as a supporter on the pages of the nurse organizations advocating for this platform (Nurses of PA and Nurse Alliance of SEIU PA), and let nurses know you are standing with them.

To see the full platform visit: https://nursesofpa.org/nurseplatform/
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Adequate PPE now and for the future
Widespread rapid testing and contact tracing.
Paid sick time for every essential worker.
Nurses must have a seat at every table where recovery plans are being made.
Workplace protections for nurses advocating for our patients.
Get people the healthcare they need, regardless of the money they have.
We must take steps to ensure things never get this bad again.
Please confirm that you are the Pennsylvania state legislator whose name you have included in this form, or that you are authorized to sign onto this platform on their behalf. If you are a nurse who *wants* your legislator to support the platform, please do not fill out this form. *
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