COMSATS University Islamabad, New Cafeteria Survey Questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to ascertain the extent of services (food quality, quantity, pricing, hygiene, and cleanliness) being rendered by the new CUI Cafeteria. Therefore, please take out some time (about 5 minutes) and provide your valuable opinion below.
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Faculty/Staff/Student *
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Designation/Registration Number *
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A. General:
How often do you visit/dine-in at the cafeteria during a week? *
What do you prefer to eat? *
B. Food (Quality, Quantity, and Pricing)
Are the food items offered by the Cafeteria affordable? *
Food price? *
Does the menu has a good variety of food items? *
Is the food being served is hot and fresh? *
Rate quality of the food (out of 1 to 5) -> 1 is lowest and 5 is highest. *
Rate quantity of food (1 to 5)? -> 1 is lowest and 5 is highest according to the price. *
Do you think that the value for money is achieved? *
Are you satisfied with the order delivery time of the Cafeteria? *
C. Cleanliness and Hygiene
Rate Cleanliness of the Cafeteria (1 to 5)? -> 1 is lowest and 5 is highest *
Are the wash rooms cleanly maintained with enough toiletries in them? *
In your view, Is the Serving Staff/Café Staff well experienced (Serving, Cleaning, Taking Order). *
Is the food (Breakfast/Lunch) always available in the specified timing. *
In your view, Should the new Cafeteria continue its services for faculty/staff and students. *
How do you Rank the new Cafeteria (out of 5)? 1 is lowest and 5 is highest. *
Any Remarks / Suggestions/Feedback or complaints
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