Application for AIESEC Alumni Belgium Paid Membership 2020
Dear alumni,

AIESEC Alumni Belgium encourages you to take the next step – support our goals and contribute to the growth of this non-profit organization by becoming an official member of the AAB 2020 membership programme.

By becoming a paid member, you help us not only to contribute to growth of our organization but you also allow us to cover our yearly administration costs (e.g.: banking fees, legal publication, AAB Positive Impact Award grant, ...) while benefiting from some key opportunities (see programme below).

We warmly invite you to fill in the form to pre-register to the AAB 2020 paid membership programme.

We need your support to take AAB to the next level and build a lifelong connection between all Belgian alumni and AIESEC!

Thanks in advance.

AIESEC-ly yours.

The AAB board

N.B.: Following your submission of this form, an email with payment instructions for the AAB 2020 Paid Membership programme fee will be sent to you by end of December 2019.

N.B. bis: Donations for the year 2019 are very welcome. Donations can be wired to the AAB bank account: BE76 0018 0386 0395

N.B. tris: if you do not wish to be a paid member but simply want to be kept informed about our activities and events, we invite you to like and follow our Facebook ( and LinkedIn ( pages
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The applicant hereby requests to become a paid full member of AIESEC Alumni Belgium (AAB) vzw/ asbl and agrees to pay the yearly membership fee of 20€ for 2020 (payment instructions will be sent by email in December)
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The applicant hereby agrees to become a member of AIESEC Alumni Belgium (AAB) vzw/ asbl and allows AAB to use the above data for purposes (cfr. it statuory objectives)
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