Florida Elite Soccer Academy Scholarship Application

Florida Elite Soccer Academy, a non-profit organization, offers need-based financial assistance to players based on eligibility to the extent possible with the funds available. Because the number of players whose families qualify for a scholarship may exceed the budget, Florida Elite Soccer Academy cannot guarantee funding for every player who meets eligibility. Each seasonal year the Board of Directors determines the available scholarship amount based on the previous seasonal year's scholarship fund raising efforts. All Florida Elite families have equal opportunity to apply for scholarships. Players who are not in good standing are not eligible to apply.

Scholarships are designed to pay a portion of the registration fee. The parent(s)/guardian(s) is required to pay the remaining portion. Scholarships are applied to registration fees only and cannot be applied to team fees or tournament fees. A scholarship award in one season does not guarantee approval in subsequent seasons. Players must reapply each year or season, whichever is applicable.

All families who receive a scholarship award will be required to complete service hours. The number of service hours required are in direct correlation to the scholarship award. For competitive families, please note that the required scholarship service hours are in addition to the standard 8 hours required annually for the Club Service Program.

It is important for scholarship recipients to note that a scholarship award may be revoked. Failure to complete the required service hours will terminate the scholarship award and/or the opportunity to apply for a future scholarship. Additionally, should a player terminate his/her 2020-2021 player commitment to Florida Elite Soccer Academy, the scholarship award will be revoked in its entirety and the player will be responsible for the full registration fee.

All scholarship information provided shall remain private and confidential. The information is subject to review by the Executive Director, the Officers of the Florida Elite Soccer Academy Board of Directors Scholarship Committee and Florida Elite employees on a need-to-know basis.

Please note the following:
1. Complete the application in its entirety. Do NOT leave blank spaces
2. One application required per player
3. Submit all required documentation within 24 hours of completing online application
4. Applications are reviewed at the end of each month

Required documentation:
1. Completed online scholarship application.
2. A copy of your 2019 federal income tax return. If you do not file federal income taxes, please call 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800- 829-3676) for a verification letter. We can accept a copy of the verification letter as well.
3. Two most recent paycheck stubs or letter from your employer verifying your employment and stating your annual salary. If you are unemployed, draw social security or a full-time student, please provide a summary of your unemployment benefits, SSI paperwork, or student financial aid benefits.
4. Once online application is complete, please submit scanned copies of documents (line 2 and line 3) to AccountServices@FloridaEliteSA.com within 24 hours.
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