VII International Medical Tournament
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We'd be thrilled to see you as a participant of the VII International Medical Tournament!
To enter the Correspondence stage of the Tournament please follow this instruction:
1. Create a team consisting of 4 or 5 members.
Each team member must either be an undergraduate medical student (4th to 6th year preferably) or study in postgraduation medical program (residency) having graduated in 2019. Only one member of the team may be a postgraduate student. All participants of the Tournament must be younger than 30 years (age limitation isn’t
applied in case the participant hasn’t gotten a medical degree yet).
2. Fill in the questionnaire below.
3. Send your Correspondence stage solutions to before February 10, 2020.

Only 12 teams will be invited to participate in the Final stage of the Tournament Novosibirsk in April 2020 for participation in the Final round of the Tournament, based on Correspondence stage scores.
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