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This form is to nominate YOURSELF. If there is someone else you think would be great for this role, please direct them to this form. We want to be sure all Ambassadors have the interest and time to devote to participating.
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The Role of Ambassadors
Dance Wire Ambassadors are dancers, leaders and each have a unique collection of experiences! Their role is to help us stay connected to the wide array of dance activity happening in Portland, by bringing their connections and insights to the table. As a whole, we are seeking to compile a committee that represents diversity in every sense of the word - demographics, dance style expertise, introverts, extroverts, seasoned artists, new artists, performers, choreographer, directors, teachers - we know you each have your own story to tell, and we want our greater network to hear it.
Ambassador Expectations
As part of Dance Wire's inner circle, we ask that you:
-Become a Dance Wire Member, if you aren’t already.
-Attend 2 Ambassador Committee social events per year. These are fun events that introduce you to other leaders of dance in Portland and allow you highlight what you have going on.
-Display Dance Wire promo material at your events.
-Share Dance Wire events to your social media pages (we will send you sample posts about all upcoming events)
-Send out an email encouraging your followers to become Patrons of Dance Wire (we will provide a sample email for this)
Perks of being an Ambassador
We value your time and participation! Throughout the 2018 calendar year:
-You will be featured on the Ambassador page of the website.
-We will give your work extra special attention on the website and social media.
-You will be featured on our StoryCorps Artist Stories Series. (this year may include a video component, grant pending)
-You'll make personal connections with other fabulous and inspiring artists in Portland.
Comments from 2017 Ambassadors
"The time commitment was extremely manageable. What I loved most is that I met many new people and gained a better understanding of Portland's dance history, and now feel more connected than ever. I also loved discovering that the Portland dance community is full of variety, so many dance styles happening in full force. It has been a great experience!" -Hannah Luckow

"I have very little time to commit to outside activities but I found this very workable, plus I'm always up for supporting Dance Wire! I enjoyed meeting and getting to spend a little time with other leaders in the dance community and I think my organization (The Portland Ballet) benefited from the exposure I received." Anne Mueller

"The commitment to the ambassadorship was not overwhelming. The gain was being able to support dance by making a stronger and more unified network. I also learned that there is more dance and performance opportunities than I was aware of. I would encourage everyone who dances or who has a love of dance to participate in some way with Dance Wire." Rebecca Morse

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What genres of dance do you specialize in? *
Our hope is that the committee will include a wide variety of styles, but be sure to list only styles you actively practice. For example, if you took tap growing up but don't anymore, don't list that. If you're a ballet dancer but take capoiera twice a week for cross-training, definitely list both!
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If the answer is yes, we will contact you before making our final decision to be sure you still want to be considered.
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Do you have a personal mission statement? Have you received any awards or recognition? What makes you stand out!
Demographics - (optional)
The goal is for this committee to represent as much diversity as possible. If you have any concerns about how these questions were asked, please email Emily at
In which zip code do you currently live?
Which age range are you in?
What is your gender identity?
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