Links Hall Production Form Summer / Fall 2018
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Person who contracted this show with Links Hall.
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So that your Links Hall LD/PSM can contact youwith any questions about your production.
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Are you working in Studio A or Studio B? *
Short description of your show. *
Not your program notes - but is this dance, theater, performance art, something else? Is this a solo performance or a company of 6 performers? What will be physically happening on stage? ...and maybe a line or two to your LD PSM to let them know what the work is "about" artistically! Thanks.
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Name of Technical Director / Designer on your production *
Links Hall provides you with an in house Lighting Designer/Production Stage manager. If you have another technical designer or lead technician that will also be working on your production let us know who so that we can touch base with them. If you don't put N/A
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Email address of Technical Designer *
If you are the TD please fill out your own info anyway - so that we have it on file if any staff member needs to look it up!
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Phone number of Technical Designer *
If you are the TD please fill out your own info anyway - so that we have it on file if any staff member needs to look it up!
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Are you familliar with Links Hall facilities and technical inventory? *
Just want to make sure you are aquatinted with the space, rep plot, and available equipment - please don't ask us for things we don't have such as "This piece needs 50 source 4's".
Please describe your lighting needs/plans. *
Are you bring in a lot of outside equipment? Are you transforming the rep plot completely? We just want to support you better if you have big lighting ideas. Just walk us through your needs.
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Please describe your sound needs. *
Most Links Hall shows run recorded sound from a single playback device (ie: your laptop) plugged into a small mixer. Is your project's sound more involved? Do you have live musicians (are they acoustic or amplified?) - If you are amplifing live sound does it need to be mixed live? How many microphones do you need?
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Are you using projections? *
Links Hall has one projector you can use - but if you need more then one projection or want an HD image please Bring your own projector.
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Is your project using any unusual materials we should know about/prepare for? *
Are you using piles of dirt? Or a lot of "food stuff" ? Or a lot of liquids? Are you using a bunch of glitter or baby powder? We dont want to limit the work, but we do want to make sure that the space is safe and can be returned to nuetral after your performance.
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Production Call Request?
Links Hall LD PSMs will be able assist you during the contracted tech times, but if you need to talk to the Production Director before your tech time, then answer yes and general times of availability.
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Links Hall Terms and Conditions:
NO Marley on the floors.
NO open fires, large amounts of water, large amounts of sand/dirt/glitter.
NO access to theatrical Lighting/Sound equipment without a Links Hall LDSPM present.
NO human beings and/or heavy set pieces suspended from the beams or rep plot
NO holes in the walls or paint/mark them in any way.

At the end of each tech rehearsal, the floor must be cleared completely, props and set must be moved to the risers, dressing room or small storage room. Hanging fabric/curtains need to be taken down or tied above the beams into the rep plot but nothing can hang down below the beams.

We ask artists to assist the LD PSMs to remove the blackout curtains from the windows at the end of each rehearsal and wipe down the floors.

Links Hall is not responsible documentation quality. We will provide access to the soundboard, but setting that up the responsibility of the documentors.


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Anything else?
You know your show better - what do you need to communicate to us?
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