Louder Than A Bomb University: Poetry Slam

Entry Deadline: April 2nd 11:59 pm

Performance Date: April 4th 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Tulsa Community College Metro Campus
909 S Boston Ave Tulsa OK, 74119
Student Union Commons (Second floor, next to cafeteria)

Notes on Rules and Format:

• LTAB-U in Oklahoma is an individual only competition (there are no group poems required). College-aged poets may co-represent any self-organized group, school, or organization in Oklahoma.

• You will be judged by a panel of five judges and, depending on your scores, advance to subsequent rounds.

• You will be competing against other poets and community members by reading or reciting original poems. Please make sure you have at least 3 original poems ready to perform.

• First and second place winners will receive a cash prize.

• Each poem must be under 3 minutes in length. Scores will be penalized for going over the time limit. Penalties will begin at 3:10, with a .5 point deduction for every ten seconds over time. (i.e. a 3:22 poem will receive a 1-point deduction assuming no other deductions apply). Poets will be asked to leave the stage if they reach 5:00.

• Participants must perform pieces of their own original writing. Participants who plagiarize will be disqualified. Clearly quoting/sampling other works and utilizing literary allusions are not plagiarism.

• Props, costumes, and/or musical accompaniment may not be used in the slam. (i.e. performing a piece involving a hoodie and wearing a hoodie is allowed. Using a hoodie you’re wearing as a prop to emphasize your words is not. Dressing in a way that illustrates the content of your piece is also grounds for deduction.

• Safe Space Rules: LTAB participants must abide by OLAA's safe space rules: No racist, sexist, homophobic, gender-biased, ableist, or otherwise derogatory speech that is degrading to any specific group of people. Failure to heed this can result in point deduction as determined by the bout manager and grandmaster slam.

• First place winner will be required to perform winning poetry piece for the TCC Foundation to claim cash prize.


**Louder Than a Bomb in Oklahoma (LTAB-OK) was a program of the Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance (OLAA). The LTAB-University College Slam in Oklahoma is in direct partnership with Tulsa Community College (TCC) and TCC Library. The project is sponsored by the TCC Foundation. For questions, please contact Adam Brennan at adam.brennan@tulsacc.edu, or Josh Barnes at josh.barnes@tulsacc.edu.

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