Louder Than A Bomb University: Poetry Slam

The form "Louder Than A Bomb University: Poetry Slam" is no longer accepting responses. Entry Deadline was April 19th 11:59 pm

If you missed online registration, there will be a limited number of on-site registrations allowed at the event on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Come visit us and cheer on the contestants Thursday, April 20th at 2:00 pm in the Tulsa Community College Metro Campus Center for Creativity Event Hall.


Notes on Rules and Format:

•You must be aged 18-25 years of age or enrolled in college if you are of an age outside of 18-25. Unlike the High School LTAB festival, 18-25 year old poets need not be enrolled in a school, but you must be enrolled in college if you are over 25 at the time of the slam.

• LTAB-U in Oklahoma is an individual only competition (there are no group poems required). College-aged poets may co-represent any self-organized group, school, or organization in Oklahoma.

• You will be judged by a panel of five judges and, depending on your scores, advance to subsequent rounds.

• You will be competing against other poets and community members by reading or reciting original poems. Please make sure you have at least 3 original poems ready to perform.

• First and second place winners will receive a cash prize. OLAA will donate matching funds to any high school or youth org's Louder Than a Bomb club that you choose to champion in Oklahoma.

• Each poem must be under 3 minutes in length. Scores will be penalized for going over the time limit. Penalties will begin at 3:10, with a .5 point deduction for every ten seconds over time. (i.e. a 3:22 poem will receive a 1-point deduction assuming no other deductions apply). Poets will be asked to leave the stage if they reach 5:00.

• Participants must perform pieces of their own original writing. Participants who plagiarize will be disqualified. Clearly quoting/sampling other works and utilizing literary allusions are not plagiarism.

• Props, costumes, and/or musical accompaniment may not be used in the slam. (i.e. performing a piece involving a hoodie and wearing a hoodie is allowed. Using a hoodie you’re wearing as a prop to emphasize your words is not. Dressing in a way that illustrates the content of your piece is also grounds for deduction.

• Safe Space Rules: LTAB participants must abide by OLAA's safe space rules: No racist, sexist, homophobic, gender-biased, ableist, or otherwise derogatory speech that is degrading to any specific group of people. Failure to heed this can result in point deduction as determined by the bout manager and grandmaster slam.

• First place winner will be required to perform winning poetry piece for the TCC Foundation to claim cash prize.

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