Materials Delivery Grant
There are two parts of the Materials Delivery Grant.

Part A is for reimbursement for money already spent on postage or other (non-courier) shipping costs for interlibrary loan materials during 2020.

Part B is for reimbursement or "pre-imbursement" of a portion of courier costs.

No further report is necessary after receiving grant funds. Grants will be made to all eligible libraries submitting the application. To receive a Materials Delivery Grant, please submit this application by March 31,2021. (School and academic libraries opting to report by academic year should submit by Sept 15, 2021).
School and Academic Library eligibility questions
Was the money budgeted?
Did the cost of postage or other interlibrary loan delivery costs come from money budgeted for your school or college library?
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Will this be directly available for library use?
Will this grant be made directly available for library use and not subsumed into the general budget of your school or college?
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Grant is for? (for school libraries only)
Grants can be based on either total interlibrary volume for the school district with one application per district, or individual school libraries may submit applications separately. Which is this?
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Part A: Postage/Other non-courier shipping
The amounts reported in this section should NOT be total interlibrary loan volume. Instead, only show here the amount of interlibrary loan which was shipped through the U.S. Postal Service or other non-courier means.

You can only receive the Part A grant if you track non-courier ILL volume.
Number of Interlibrary Loan items shipped NOT USING THE COURIER:
If you charge for ILL, exclude items received
Select your annual ILL volume based on the total Non-courier volume
Clear selection
Enter the grant amount from the annual ILL volume selected above
Enter 0 if not applicable
How much did you spend on materials delivery costs (postage, etc.) during the last fiscal year?
Enter 0 if not applicable
Enter the Part A amount (lowest amount).
Enter the LESSER of the amount from the volume chart or the actual cost. The Part A grant amount is the lesser of the two amounts --- The grant amount based on the ILL volume selection OR The actual cost spent in the last fiscal year.
Part B: Courier Costs
This portion should be filled out if your library intends to participate in the Kansas Library Express Courier service for 2021.

3 days per week $500 Grant
5 days per week $1150 Grant

NOTE: If you choose to increase to 5-day per week service later, you will receive an additional grant at that time. If you do not participate in courier service, then any amount given here must be refunded.
Select the grant amount for the service you are selecting
Clear selection
Enter the total Part B amount
Total the grant amount plus any high volume charge.
Grant Summary
Total Material Delivery Grant amount requested. *
Total of Part A and Part B
Library name *
Library director's name *
Please enter your name as the submitter *
I hereby apply for a grant and certify that the information contained in this application is correct.
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