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So glad you are interested in teaching a class with us!
We want to get to know you and what you love to create and share with others. We appreciate detailed descriptions and clear answers. ALL answers may be used for promotion material, social media, website so keep in mind that this is potentially public and should be inviting, exciting, friendly!
The Sunshine Prophecy LLC Instructor Contract
Payments are based on the number of students who register and attend the class.  

Teachers are reimbursed for material costs per student (list & costs pre-approved in application form - all materials are included in workshop price, no separate payments to teachers needed). The Sunshine Prophecy is not responsible for supplying any materials needed for classes.

Teachers are paid 70% of the instruction fee per student on days when the shop is *open*, this is the standard way classes will be taught. If you need a private class, during non open hours instructors will be paid at 60%. The shop is currently closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Consider these closed days if your workshop benefits from privacy or is touchy subjects. Please reach out if you want to discuss these options more. Classes can be held indoor or outdoor in our backyard.

We offer discounts & sales regularly which are taken out of our portion, not yours.  - the teacher still receive original agreed upon % of the instruction fee per student.  

Please talk to us directly if you have a friend or family member you want to attend and have them receive a discount. We would love to have them.

****We offer sliding scale or free to low income people in the community. Limit 1 per class. We will cover the discounted price, however if we offer a free class to someone you agree to 1 extra student. They must still pay for their materials. If there is a reason this specifically will not work for your class let us know.

The Sunshine Prophecy issues payment within 30 days from the date of your class through PayPal OR paper check, which usually takes 1 week to arrive via U.S. Mail to the address provided on your class form. (I.e. A class held on October 25th is paid by November 25th or before.)

Payment is contingent upon Sunshine LLC’s receipt of a completed W9 from Instructor.

Classes must be held if at least 3 people are registered.

Class is cancelled if fewer than 3 people register. Students registered for a cancelled class will receive store credit or refund.  Because many people register the day before a class, and sometimes the day of, we announce cancellation the the day before a scheduled class, allowing for last minute sign ups. We will check in with teachers about registration a few days before their class.

Students have 72 hours prior to their class to cancel and receive store credit.  

If a teacher must cancel a class, it must be done 30 days or more before the scheduled class. Emergencies are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We always make sure the studio is clean and ready for your class.
You are responsible for set up and break down of your class. Leaving the space in a clean manner similar to arrival is needed for continuing to hold classes.
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Now that's out of the way, HI! What's your name, and a little about YOU?
Second, what is your brand and a little about it?
Title and Class Description (This will be used on our website, on fliers and our calendar! Be clear and make it enticing!)
Email address
Website and Social Media
How long is your class? How many hours? Is it a series or a one time thing?
What do you need from our space to teach successfully? We offer indoor and outdoor space, which do you prefer and why? *
What type of inclusivity is this class? Can anyone attend? Is there background knowledge needed? Is there a physical accessibility requirement? *
Class Cost (remember you are receiving 70%/60% of this. This also will include the cost of materials you will be providing to teach if needed) *
Legal Name (signature) *
Mailing Address: please provide your mailing address for payment upon completion of a class. If your legal name varies from the one given above, please specify.
If you have a Paypal account where you'd like to receive payment add your paypal email here. (Paypal fees will apply)
Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing about your passion! We will be in touch shortly and let you know if the space will be a good fit for your class ✿✿✿
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