Lakecrest Gym Uniform
K-6 Wear their uniforms on the three days that they have gym. 7-9 Change into their uniforms for gym class.

All items are mandatory. Recommended quantities are as follows:
- short sleeve tees: choice of red or royal blue
- K-6 (cotton): 3-4 per student
- 7-9 (Adidas): 2-3 per student
- Adidas track pants: minimum of 2 pairs
- Adidas jacket: minimum of 1

*Note: for K-6 there is also an option of long sleeves... some students like them for the fall/winter.

There are also several optional spirit items you can choose from at the end of this site.

All prices include taxes.

Payment is due at pick-up at our store. We accept debit, credit (Visa or MasterCard), or cash.

Orders are collected throughout the month and placed on the first day of every month. You will be contacted once your order is finished.

If you have any questions, please contact Beresford Ltd. at 753-1900.

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