UR2020: History. Foresight. Vision 20/20. Call for Technical Sessions
The UR Conference is an inclusive event and we welcome community members to put forward proposals for sessions for the main conference program. The 2020 Understanding Risk Forum will be held in Singapore, May 18-22, 2020. Sessions will be selected by the UR2020 Organizing Committee on the basis of their relevance to UR’s goals and key topics for UR 2020, innovation, creativity and potential to contribute to the participants’ understanding of risk.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: October 31, 2019, midnight ET

Session leads will need to:
• Submit a detailed session design to UR2020 for approval
• Coordinate all individuals (speakers, facilitators, etc) for their session
• Submit presentations and any other materials prior to the conference
• Prepare an Ignite presentation for delivery on Day 1 of the conference
• Write up a post-conference report for their session
Read the Technical Session Lead Guide available at http://understandrisk.org/UR2020 to ensure you are able to fulfill all requirements and timelines.

UR2020 priority topics:
• Cascading & compounding risks
• Innovations in forecasting, sensing, risk modeling & decision-support
• Vulnerability and resourcefulness: Youth, Aging, Gender & Disability
• Intersection of disasters & public health
• Natural hazards & conflict nexus
• DRR in the urban context
• Landslides
• Fire & Heatwaves
• Physical infrastructure
• Nature-based solutions
• Globalization 4.0
• Organizational resilience

This list of topics is intended to spark ideas. It is not exclusive and sessions on other relevant topics are welcome.

We strongly encourage session leads to design engaging sessions with innovative formats that can arm participants with a better understanding of risk and inspire them to act on this knowledge. Please note that session designs and modifications need to be approved by the UR 2020 Organizing Committee according to the schedule given in the Session Lead Guide 2020 (see http://understandrisk.org/UR2020).

The Forum brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to share experience and generate new ideas. Session content therefore needs to be accessible to all potential participants.

We also encourage organizers to open up speaking and panelist slots to nominations from the UR community. This can be an effective way to expand networks and allow for cross-fertilization of ideas. Openings for speaking slots can be shared through the UR website and social media accounts.

Sessions last for 1.5 hours.

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