Economadia Workation application
Hi and welcome to the Economadia Workation in south Portugal this September!

Below are the most important facts for you summarized and clearly listed. If anything remains unclear you can always get in touch with us personal at

See you soon in south Portugal!


In this part we would like to set your expectations right for this workation so that you know best what you will find here before you make the loooong way down to south Portugal. So you should bother yourself reading this part properly investing 5-8 mins for that.

The basic idea is pretty simple: spend some great summer days in a nice spot with friends that you haven't met yet and being able to concentrate on your to-get-done stuff, be it your job, project or paper for University.

Generally speaking, this is the first time we organize a workation, so we know not everything will be perfect yet as we are (proudly) still learning and committed to doing our best to ensure that everybody has a wonderful time. We are already experienced with our Economadia Coworking Farm from 2017 so we are pretty confident!

Hard facts:
Dates: Sept. 14th - 30th 2018
Pre-gathering: from Sept. 07th 2018
Location: Salema Eco Campsite, Salema, Portugal
Closest international airport: Faro (FAO)

Fairly easy: the coworking space is 2,5€/day, we take the small one-time service charge of 50€ for making sure that everything is going well. Other than that you pay the prices of the campsite as they are announced on their website, please check: for camping (see second column for Sept.) or for tipi tents. Other accommodation such as studios are also available, please see later in the application form.

The location is a rather untypical campsite spread through a huge area where nature is abundant. It’s a place where you can be sure to find not the conventional tourist but more alternative people, lovely families and campers that love to spend time in the ocean, let it be surfing, paddling or relaxing at the beach. Since it’s located in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park overall there are no big buildings around, the site is not awfully crowded and in the area one cannot find a massive amount of rental holiday properties - these are some of the reasons why we believe this is a special place for our workation.

It is a plus (and recommendable) if you can come join us with your own tent and vehicle, and a huge advantage if you carry some camping gear with you (like stove, chairs, etc.). That said, no worries if you are not travelling with camping equipment as in Salema you also have the chance to rent a tipi tent (with a double or bunk beds and some other extras) or a studio-apartment, according to the campsite availability and your own needs/preferences.
If you come to camp (like we do) you can expect an exclusive zone for the participants. Please keep in mind that there will be also other people around in the campsite, who are enjoying their holidays - and actually we think it is a good thing not to isolate ourselves completely from the world but to mingle and make new friends - not everyone is nomad or location-independent.

Internet connection:
Earlier this summer we spent quite some time in there and were able to make skype video calls and everything that the ‘normal’ surfing in the web involves. If you need internet beyond you should consider having your own dongle that or similar which provides an extra source of connectivity. Wifi is available around the reception and in terrace and bar, where we also the coworking area will be located (see further below). The wifi reception in other areas of the campsite is not available.

We'd like to inform you that the bar where we are also going to have our exclusive working area has and adjacent kitchen serves breakfast (which you can include into your package) and dinner (mostly pizza nights). We cannot use this kitchen for ourselves, neither is there any public kitchen that you can use on the ground, only public barbecues, this is important! That’s why we emphasize here again that you either bring your own camping gear or to rent a studio where you have facilities to cook. Other than that there some restaurants by the beach in the center of the village of Salema, located just 1,4km down the road.

The closest airport is Faro international airport (100km distance), the closest train station is Lagos (18km). If a shuttle is needed we are intending to organize this and you can include it where needed.
The closest supermarket is either InterMarché (3 mins by car) or Lidl (10 mins by car). Salema city (ah well, better to say small village) is around 3 mins by car or 15 mins walking from the campsite. In the village you can find 2-3 places where working is also possible but bear in mind that they are normal cafés with normal tourists.

The coworking area:
Will be available from around 11am after breakfast to 6pm when people start to have dinner. We will have a separate part of the bar that we can use exclusively which provides good conditions for proper working.

This place offers a lot of opportunities for different activities just like water sports (surfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, coasteering), playing football or volleyball at the beach, watching TED talks and having a mastermind about it afterwards, having a karaoke night or even an open stage with music. It largely depends on us and you what we organize. Please understand that we as the organizers will come up with a few things but it’s also up to everyone who is around to make something happen. We believe that the magic happens not by putting a pre-made program in front of you but also to let things organically happen.

Forbidden things:
By law (and good sense and respect) no camp- or bonfires are allowed at any time. Most of the fires in Portugal are caused by arson. We support this no-fire posture!
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