Closers Olympics Lead Submission
Hello and Thank you for being a part of the Closers Olympics 2020!

While there are many benefits to being a part of this event one of the main ones is that you get the opportunity to have 12 of the Top Closers in the country call your leads while you keep 100% of the profit!

In order to do that we ask that you submit your top (Warm- Hot) 50 leads that you've contacted before so you know there's urgency and potential for a deal!

The better the leads the higher the probability for you to get a deal closed!

Submission Recommendations:

Go back to some leads that are warm meaning you've either talked to them before or you are aware there's a potential for a deal.
Provide as many notes and information.
Provide leads with Equity as we will not be doing creative offers ( Sub To or creative financing)
You personally feel this is a good lead that we can close
Last point of contact is within 6 months.

What happens if a closer agrees on a price and signs a contract with the seller?
You will receive an email with all details for you to finish closing and the contract will be assigned to you.
Please be advised that the closer is not responsible for closing your deal or finding an end buyer only getting it under contract at a good price.

Please be advised that by submitting your leads you are hereby agreeing to the terms mentioned.
By submitting your leads you hereby agree that you are 100% responsible for fulfillment of any of the standard terms agreed upon. All leads are not guaranteed to be called due to limited capacity.

If you have any questions please email please do not email us to ask for status on your leads we will contact you directly with any updates!

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Reason For Selling ( Provide as many details as possible ie. Divorce, Relocated, Foreclosure Ect ) *
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