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In order to submit your application for the CT.COM launchpad, please fill out the form and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Note that our reliance upon a robust Due Diligence process requires quite a bit of information, therefore filling out this form may take a while.
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Project Telegram Blurb Message (optional)

Most of the projects do have it, though the absence of it would not be a red flag for us. 

If you submit a comprehensive blurb here, please forgive us for asking you to duplicate some of its contents in the questions below. 
Project Website: Please provide a link to your website.
Contact Telegram Handle: Please provide us with a Telegram handle which we can use to get in touch with you. *
Contact E-mail Address: Please provide us with an e-mail address which we can use to get in touch with you. *
Documentation: Please provide link(s) to your whitepaper/lite paper/yellow paper/one pager/pitch deck and/or other documentation. *
Telegram: Please provide a relevant Telegram channel handle.
Twitter: Please provide a relevant Twitter handle. *
Founders' LinkedIn Accounts: Kindly provide us with links to the LinkedIn accounts of the founding members.
GitHub: Your project’s GitHub link.
Project Description: Please provide an overarching description of your project.
Product Development Status: Please describe in as much detail as possible the status of your product. Links to a test/demo/production environment and/or APIs are greatly appreciated.
Unique Value Proposition: Please describe why and how your product(s) is(are) (going to be) better than competitors’.
Distributional Tokenomics: Please include a link to a Google Doc/Sheet which describes in detail the token vesting, supply, round valuations and allocations, etc.
Development Roadmap and Vision: Please describe your development roadmap for at least the following six months.
Token Utility: Please describe in detail all aspects of your token utility.
Financing: Please provide details on your financing structure (e.g. past raises).
Lead Investor: Please share with us who is/are the lead investor(s).
KOL Strategy: Please share with us which KOLs do you have onboard. Have they invested or agreed for a paid promotion? 
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