Get gleaning on your farm!
Hope's Harvest RI is actively recruiting farmers to host trained, insured, and fully supervised volunteers on your farm to rescue surplus crops and deliver them to people in need. Click here to find out more about how gleaning works for farmers:

If you'd rather talk to a person instead of filling out a form, please give a call - Eva Agudelo - 401-680-0281 - or email
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If you're filling out this form to sign up as a partner farm and not to donate specific product, please describe the type and estimated amount of product that you think you may have available over the course of the season. Very rough estimates are fine - be just as descriptive as you want to be.
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Let us know when the crop will be available (as large - i.e. days - or small - i.e. hours - a window as you prefer) AND when you would like to have gleaners come to your farm to harvest it. Gleaning trips usually last no more than 3 hours, and we calculate the number of gleaners based on the crop volume you have available, taking into account that these are amateur harvesters. Please pick a day and time that will be most convenient for you, and we will work around your schedule and needs.
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