Fishing Line Recycling Program: Maui
Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute (MOCMI) seeks to prevent pollution and decrease harmful interactions between marine life and discarded fishing line by working with the recreational fishing community through the Fishing Line Recycling Program. Please take a few minutes and complete the below survey to help us improve our knowledge and programs.
Fishing Line Recycling Bin
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Are you a resident of Maui?
If a Maui resident, what part? *
If not a resident of Maui, which island? *
How often do you fish? *
What is your view towards the Fishing Line Recycling program? *
What do you currently do with your used fishing line? *
How likely are you to use the fishing line recycling bins if you see them? *
Have you ever accidentally caught a sea turtle while fishing? *
If yes, do you know what to do if an accidental interaction occurs? *
Are you aware of the Fishing Around Sea Turtles Program? A multi-agency program designed to help reduce injury to accidentally caught turtles. *
We understand that accidental interactions can happen when fishing, even when fishermen are are fishing responsibly. To help reduce additional injury or death to accidentally caught turtles, fishermen are encourage to follow these best practice guidelines:
Fishermen are encouraged to report any interactions with sea turtles or monk seals so that trained staff can quickly respond. It is always Okay to call! Please save the State-wide Stranding and Reporting hotline number in your phone, so you have it if needed: 888-256-9840.
Your perspectives are invaluable! MOCMI appreciates any additional feedback you would like to share about improving this Fishing Line Recycling program or otherwise:
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Lost gear left on reefs can harm wildlife and the environment. Would you be willing to participate in marine (in-water) reef clean up activities to help remove lost gear? *
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