Long Island City High School 2020-2021 Language Study Preference Survey Class of 2024
Welcome to Long Island City High School! Please fill out this form to share your choice of language study at LIC. Thank you!
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We offer 5 languages at LIC. For high school diploma/graduation requirements, one year of language is needed; however, for college and job readiness and scholarship opportunities, you should study a world language other than English for 3-4 years in high school. From the languages listed, please select the language you would MOST LIKE to study. *
For your first choice language selection, do you speak, read, or write this language or have you studied this language in school before? Check all that apply. *
If space is not available, or other classes you must take are offered during your first choice language class time, what is your SECOND CHOICE for language classes? *
What is your home language? *
ENL/MLL/LEP Status: Are you currently mandated to receive English language support services based on NYSESLAT or NYSITEL assessments based on identification as a Multi-Language Learning/ English Language Learner? *
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