7/2/17 - 7th Governors Island Outing - Singles, Couples & Families Welcome
I am pleased to invite you to our 7th Semi -Annual Governor's Island Outing! This year they have opened nearly all of the island and you can now walk/ bike for about 2 miles around the perimeter of the island and see some stunning views of NY Harbor. This event is suitable for all ages, and is great for families. They also have opened an entire new portion of. We hope you can come!

Any substantive chance of rain the forecast will cancel the event, but as of now the weather looks to be great for this date - as we get closer I will update this page and those coming on the weather.

Governors Island has some of the best real estate in NYC - it was a former coast guard base until a few years ago, and has recently been turned over to NY city and been opened up to public access only in the last few years. It has stunning views of lower manhattan, roller blading and biking opportunities, and tours and walks on the island , including in some of the buildings of the former coast guard base. They also have various music and art festivals during the summer.

They also have a new area called the Hills, which has one manmade hill 65ft high that has stunning views of ny harbor!

There is also a new for thing, Adventures at Governors Island, with a maze, ziplines and an tower climb, all at additional cost.... see below for details

There are many activities on the island - here is a site with pictures and details


Here are some highlights:

** Free tour of a historic fort, Fort Jay, with a moat! This is a national park and the rangers give tours...

** Free Tours of the ROOF of Castle Williams - here is a link to all of the national park service

** New Park areas, including over 50 hammocks!

** Slides for adults and kids!

** Adventures at Governors Island - maze, zipline and tower climbing challenge, all at additional cost

see here for details - https://govisland.com/activities/adventures-at-gi

** Bike Rentals - there are 2 miles of waterfront trails and you can bike around the buildings as well - its very fun!

** Various Indoor and Outdoor Art Installations - here is link to all of the activities for when we are going


** Stunning views of lower manhattan and the NY harbor.

Biking info - You can bring your own bike and take it on the ferry or rent one on the island.

Bike rentals cost $15 for 2 hours, and you can bring your own bike on the ferry if you like...there are also kid bikes and other types of bike rentals - see this link for more info


For more details of Governor's Island, visit the island's main website at:


We will be having a picnic, and I will supply some food and nash for the event, but please bring your own lunch! You can buy some food (ice cream, drinks) on the island...


COST: $5 per person , $10 per couple, $15 per family with up to 4 kids - these are my standard per event fees.

This is our standard, per event fee. These fees go towards general expenses and materials for events, such as the snacks and equipment I am bringing for all to use.

The ferry to the island from Brooklyn and lower manhattan is free!

The fee includes some nash I will bring for lunch, BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!

DATE: Sunday, July 2, 2017

TIME: 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM

MEET ON THE ISLAND - 11:15 AT THE Building 110: LMCC's Art Center on Governor's Island, right next to where the Manhattan Ferry leaves people off....


so we can have a sense of the amount of nash to bring -YOU CAN JUST SHOW UP ALSO if you like, but if you are not sure but think you are likely to come, let me know for planning purposes by the RSVP deadline - thanks!

WHERE: Governors Island


We will meet on Governors Island, where the Manhattan Ferry lets out, next to the Main office and the LMCC Art Building 110 at 10:30.

The ferrys until 11:30 are free, but to ensure you get on the ferry ( which are at 10, and 11 from Manhattan and 11 and 11:30 from Brooklyn) you need to come early - so come no later than 10:30 for the 11:00 am ferry.... after 11:30 they are $2 per person, just on the way over - no charge to go home!

here is the entire ferry schedule, from manhattan and brooklyn


For those MEETing in Manhattan for the ferry, come by 10:30 AM to the BATTERY MARITIME BUILDING (10 South St), at the corner of South and Whitehall Streets, right NEXT TO THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY many know and love. The South Ferry Station is the closest subway stop). I will be on the island when you arrive. You will likely not get on until 11:00 Ferry if you dont come early, so we ensure that we have space on the boat .

These ferries get popular in summer, so I have found YOU NEED TO COME EARLY, SO WE ARE COMING 30 MINUTES BEFORE OUR FERRY - otherwise you need to wait for the next one, which is at 11:30.

In order to get to Governor's Island, you need to take a ferry from Manhattan or Brooklyn - they are FREE till 11:30, $2 a person afterwards

From MANHATTAN, they leave twice per hour, from 10 AM, then 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM on the top and bottom of the hour ( 11:00, 11:30, etc), and return more or less on the same schedule.The ferry in manhattan leaves from the Battery Maritime Building

FROM BROOKLYN - Ferries leave every 30 minutes from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park (corner of Atlantic Avenue and Columbia Street), starting at 11:00 AM.


If you choose to come later but while I am still there, you can try TEXTING ME on my cell, 917-531-2202 and see where we are. Let me know your name in the text. Lunch will probably be 1:00 To 2pm. We will determine the lunch location while on the island - hopefully we will be in the middle of the island near the fort or on the far side of the island in a shady spot! We will stay until the ferry that leaves to go back at 3:00 PM, but you can stay as long as you like

BROOKLYN - you can also choose to come via the brooklyn ferry and meet us - I would take the same ferry time as we are taking in Manhattan, 11:00 AM - you will arrive a few moments before us at the Brooklyn dock, which is a 2 minute walk from the main dock area - we will meet at the main building next to the park offices and the bathrooms which is called Building 110: LMCC's Art Center, if you get there before us!

I intend to take the 4:00 PM ferry back to Manhattan. For those COMING BY CAR, its easy to park in lower manhattan on a Sunday (just no other time during the week!) However, READ THE SIGNS CAREFULLY WHERE YOU PARK, as they do have no parking areas even on Sundays in the lower manhattan area near the ferry.


Stunning views of lower manhattan, biking, roller blading, picnicing, walks,free kayaking and free tours of the island. I hope to bring some food and a bike over, take a tour and then have lunch with people who come. I will have some nash for all, but you can only take what you can wheel onto a ferry and carry.


LUNCH, water, hat, suntan lotion, good walkings shoes for the urban hike - you may also bring roller blades, a BIKE, a sheet/cloth to sit on, games like bananagrams and frisbees along.

WEATHER - TBD - any significant chance of rain will cancel but as of now, the weather looks to be in the low 80s and sunny, with no chance of rain - we should be fine!

See ya!


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