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Has your ward become more responsible after joining SKIT?
Has your ward become more disciplined after joining SKIT?
Do you feel that the Institute addresses your queries/ requests responsibly?
What is your opinion on the quality of teaching in SKIT
What is your opinion about infrastructure and laboratories in SKIT?
If you have visited SKIT, did you find people courteous and helpful?
If your ward stayed in hostel, what is your opinion of hostel facilities?
If your ward used bus facilities, how satisfied are you?
If your ward used book bank facilities, how did you find these?
If you have visited SKIT for any curricular/extra-curricular event, how did you find the quality of event?
How do you rate placement record of SKIT?
Do you think your aspirations about your ward will be fulfilled?
How do you rate SKIT in comparison with other institutions where you tried for admission?
Any other point, including suggestions for improvement
How can you help us to improve ourselves?
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