EDA University Center - How to Write, Practice and Record Your Pitch
Complete this assessment to receive credit for attending or viewing the October 3, 2019 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "How to Write, Practice and Record Your Pitch" by Bill Szaroletta. The recorded seminar will be available at NMRainforest.com
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Based on the seminar, write down at least five things that are NOT the best practice for recording a pitch. *
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What are some examples of simple things you can to do make your pitch stronger and more presentable? *
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How many seconds do you have to capture the audience’s attention? *
What color of background should you use? *
True or False? Open up your pitch with a question or example/problem statement and avoid starting with “Hi my name is…” *
What is the core to a pitch/presentation? *
What is an example of a platform you could use to help you create your pitch video? *
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True or False? You can use Zoom to host unlimited numbers of 40 minute or less meetings for FREE just by signing up with your email address *
What are some reasons why Zoom is a good tool to use for a video pitch? *
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True or False? It is important to have the opening statement for your pitch memorized
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