865 Machining External Request Form
Thank you for choosing Team 865 to machine parts for you!

The following are 865’s Terms and Services, so please read thoroughly. Everything you will need to know will be stated below.

~ Operation cost is COMPLETELY FREE (depending if it meets the requested service)

~ We CANNOT GUARANTEE a spot at our machine shop but we will try to complete your request. Expect delays during build season and possible placement denial. We will try our best, but bear in mind that our machine shop gets very busy. For this reason, please have a BACKUP PLAN for your order, and schedule your placement ASAP.

Machines available:
-CNC mill
-CNC router


~ We need at minimum a 24 hour notice of your request

~ Our ability to machine your parts strongly depends on the complexity of your request.

~ Bring your own materials. 865 might possibly have material available for your team. This discussion will happen when you come to drop off your material

~ Within 24 hours of requesting your placement, we will get back to you with the final quote (whether your request was denied, partially accepted, or accepted).

~ We are open from 2:40 PM - 7:00 PM, and only on weekdays

~ We will contact you for pick-up date

~ Please ensure that your instructions are clear and detailed. Lack of clear instructions could result in an incorrectly machined part, for which we will not take responsibility.

~ We do not ship/transfer your parts. You must come to our school during the hour stated to pick up your parts.

~ This form is targeted at teams that don't have easy access to precise machinery. As a result of this, we ask that your placement be reasonable.

~ The 865 Machining Request Form process first starts with your request placement on the order sheet. Then an 865 machinist will either accept, partial accept (o nly making some of your requested parts), or deny your order. You can check the status of your placement by going to this link


~ This link will also allow you to check what the estimated time of completion of your parts is and when it's ready to pick up.

~ Please remember that our team takes priority over yours. This is not to say that we won't try our best to complete your parts as soon as possible. Keep in mind that even though we have many machines, your order must be reasonable. This is why you must request a placement to actually order parts. Through the placement process, the 865 machinists will decide if the order is reasonable or not. 865 reserves the right to deny orders/parts altogether.

~ After processing your request, you can receive updates via the spreadsheet posted above.

To reach us, please email team865.warp7@gmail.com

Address: Western Technical-Commercial School, 125 Evelyn Crescent, Toronto, ON, M6P 3E3

~ Friendly Reminder- please check the speadsheet constantly as for updates could made

Have a great 2019 season :)

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You will receive a call and/or an email when the order is completed, this will be to verify your pickup date. The date given below, is when you would like your part to be completed. The estimated date will be posted in the form stated in the terms and service (be reasonable with the date).
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