IOTW IEO Quiz Challenge
How much do you know about IEO? Challenge yourself and take our quiz to see how familiar you are with IEO. The first 500 users who complete the quiz with at least 80 points will be eligible to receive IOTW rewards. See details here:
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1.Users can use _____ to purchase IOTW
2. When will the IOTW IEO event begin?
3. What is the benefit for users who purchase IOTW with BMX?
4.We strongly recommend you sign up your BitMart account and do the KYC prior to the sale date, because______
5. IOTW IEO is the____ IEO event conducted exclusively by BitMart.
6. IOTW tokens are created for diverse real-world applications, such as: ______
7.IOTW, a Big Data unifying system built on a native blockchain using______protocol, makes accessing data from a cross-section of IoT devices and applications simple and efficient.
8. On January 28th, the very first IEO program, BitTorrent, was launched by Binance, with the price of _______. In 15 minutes, 60 billion BTT (BitTorrent) was snapped up.
9. On January 31st, BTT (BitTorrent) was listed. The opening price was _______ the crowdfunding price.
10. What promotion campaigns do we have for IOTW IEO event?
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