VR NOW Awards 2018 Submission
Welcome to the VR NOW Awards 2018 submission page. The VR NOW Awards celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in immersive media. They are part of the VR NOW Con, taking place in Potsdam/Berlin on November 14+15, 2018: http://www.vrnowcon.io

To pay the submission fee and find more detailed information on the different award categories, eligibility criteria and milestones, please visit: http://awardfee.vrnowcon.io

By submitting your project, you accept that our team can process your data for the realization of the event. Your data will be deleted after all tasks related to the event are completed.

If you have any issues or questions, please get in touch with us at vrnowcon@booster-space.com.
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If you'd like to enter your project in more than one award category, you'll need to pay the submission fee multiple times (1 submission fee for each category entered). For more detailed information on the different award categories please visit http://awardfee.vrnowcon.io
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