What's your experience with medications in foster or state care?
Which drugs were prescribed?
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At what age?
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In which county did this happen?
What was the name of the doctor who prescribed the medications?
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Did you think the medications were necessary?
Was there a diagnosis?
If there was a diagnosis, what was it?
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Did you, or a parent or guardian, consent to the medications?
Did the prescribing take place in a residential treatment center? If so, which one?
Did it take place in a treatment foster care program? If so, which company or companies ran the program?
What was the highest number of drugs prescribed at one time?
Did the prescriptions cause any harm?
Did you raise concerns with any of the following:
Do you have any medical records, letters, doctor's notes, emails, receipts, prescriptions or other documents that could help shed light on this issue?
Anything else we should know?
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