Midair 2021 Musician Application Form
As a musician on Midair Pony Fair, you'll be performing live music on cam for 40mins. The con will go from May 1st 5:00 AM to May 2nd 5:00 AM EDT on twitch.tv. You will need to stream to our RTMP server. (if you don't know how to stream, our tech team can guide you and will be providing the needed assets). We are doing something a little different with the music sets this con as opposed to others. Instead of one long segment of music at the end, we will be doing small music breaks in between panels, giving viewers a chance for a nice breather. By completing this form you're allowing us to record and post your set on Youtube.

General Info and Rules:
- Music sets are 40mins long
- Every person involved must have a discord account and email on which they can be contacted
- You must have a strong and reliable internet connection
- No NSFW, aggressive swearing, or offensive content. All music must be PG.
- Must be committed to preparing content in advance, starting your set
prepared and going through with the set after confirming your time slot.
Name/Alias *
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Discord Information (Name#0000) *
Contact email *
Genre of music that you play *
Best examples of music *
Post links of your best songs.
Social media link(s) *
Link(s) you'd like us to display on our website. Could also be bandcamp/soundcloud/youtube/etc
Description of your set *
A short description of yourself and your set for us to put on our website.
What time slot(s) are you available for? *
All times are in EDT. Event starts on May 1st and goes on into May 2nd. Use the 'Other' option if your times are not on the list or if you'd like to give us something more specific.
Any past experience or relevant credentials that make you an ideal candidate? (For example: Past con experience, livestream experience, fandom projects you’ve been a part of…) *
Please submit a speed test result of your internet connection. Use this link https://www.speedtest.net/ and click GO. Copy the link to the results page (the page you are on after the test is complete) and paste it here. *
This is required for us to gauge if your internet connection is suitable for whatever purpose we might need it for.
By checking this box, you agree that you've read and understood all the rules mentioned in the first page of the application. *
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