Mt. Tabor Soccer Club Volunteers 2015-2016
Hello, thanks for your interest in helping Mt. Tabor Soccer Club. We have different things we need help with, ranging from designing a T-Shirt to be sold at SoccerFest to helping put together equipment bags for the fall season. We need people who can point people the right direction at SoccerFest. We can really use people who know the front office at your school to help distribute flyers or put up signs.
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We think we might email for help 5-6 times a year.
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We need people who can talk to the secretary about getting flyers distributed. We also need people to talk to the PTA about getting more players.
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Are you a designer? Do you know your school well? Are you willing to stand for an hour and answer questions at SoccerFest? Not sure? No problem. Just speak up if something sounds like what you want to do.
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