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Apart from being an assignment for general managerial knowledge, this QuickQuiz serves also as a preview, an advertisement of some of the things which are you going to study should you choose to continue your education in the track Management and administration after your second year at the UNWE. Most of the courses shown below are the ones taught by Angel Marchev, Jr.

For a full Study curriculum on the track "Management and administration" please check out this link:

Please, answer the following questions in brief, explaining only the most important points. Have in mind that this is a secret assignment and there will be no teaching assistance for it.

The game QuckQuiz consists of a list of tasks, out of which every individual student has to accomplish as many as possible.
The more tasks you accomplish, the more bonus points you will earn. Every task has different level of difficulty and will bring you different number of points.
The tasks, accomplished correctly by least number of students, are, evidently, the hardest and they would be scored highest (another reason not to help the competition). After the final the accomplishments of all students will be accounted. Every task brings total of 100 points altogether for all students. These points are distributed equally among all students that have completed it. Example 1: task 3 is completed correctly by two hundred students, which receive 100 : 200 = 0.5 points each. Example 2: task 7 is completed correctly by twenty students, which receive 100 : 20 = 5 points each.
When evaluating the completed answers, half or quarters completion may be also awarded. The points of every student are summed and rounded to nearest whole number.
The best performing students may receive additional bonus.

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