October 15th Tutorial
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In workshop 1, we ran short on time during the Einstein Toolkit tutorial. Due to popular demand, there will be an Einstein Toolkit tutorial part II on Thursday October 15th with the following schedule:
(12 - 2 EDT) NRPy+ (Zach Etienne). NRPy+ is an open-source Python code that converts expressions written in Einstein-like notation into highly optimized C/C++ code, using the powerful computer algebra package SymPy as a backend. The NRPy+ tutorial will review a number of interactive Jupyter notebooks, which use NRPy+ to generate both small, efficient standalone NR codes and useful Einstein Toolkit thorns. A new, in-progress LaTeX interpreter interface for NRPy+ will also be briefly introduced, whereby tensorial equations pasted into NRPy+ from LaTeX paper source can be directly converted into SymPy symbolic expressions, which can then be converted into C/C++/Mathematica codes.

(2:15 - 4 EDT) Writing your own Einstein Toolkit thorns (Steve Brandt). This tutorial will show you how to extend the Einstein Toolkit by writing your own thorns. Jupyter notebooks will cover the wave and heat equations. 
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