Survey about MINIX 3
We know that over 6000 people download MINIX 3 every month but we have no idea who they are or what they do with it. If you have downloaded and installed it, we would really appreciate your filling out this short questionnaire (but wait until you have done so so you can tell us how that went). THANK YOU!
What are you planning to do with MINIX 3?
On what platform did you install MINIX 3?
If you ever used MINIX in a product, what was it (name or description)?
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MINIX Experience
How do you feel about the documentation (wiki, etc.)
How did you experience the installation procedure?
Do you read the MINIX 3 Google newsgroup?
MINIX Improvements
What features/improvements would you like to see and why?
We want to know what, if anything, is holding back usage and adoption of MINIX.
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Are you available to work on your desired improvement collaboratively?
We are actively looking for people who can help us improve MINIX
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Put any other comments here
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About You
How would you rate your computer expertise?
What is your job? (engineer, student, etc.)
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If you have ever helped develop an OS what did you do (e.g., wrote a Linux audio driver)?
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Would you like to get involved in the project?
We'd love to stay in touch for possible followup. May we have your email address?
We won't spam you, we hate it too.
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