SnowMELT Blues 2020 Registration
Welcome back for another SnowMELT! We are excited to bring you a bigger event this year with more workshops, more bands, a museum exhibit, and of course lots of dancing!

March 6th-8th, 2020
Live bands Friday and Saturday night.
Multiple workshop tracks for beginner to advanced dancers, with nationally known instructors.
The same dance-family feel everyone loved at SnowMELT 2019.
Historical presentation and exhibit in partnership with the University of Illinois Spurlock Museum.

For all the details about classes, music, venues, and schedule visit
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You may choose more than one option. We will email you a link to pay once we review your registration. As long as you pay within 7 days we'll hold your spot for you. Note some option prices below may be subject to change as we get closer to the event.
Help us Offer Financial Assistance
If you would like to donate an amount to help others who need financial assistance attend SnowMELT, enter the amount you would like to donate here. bluesCENTRAL (the organization behind SnowMELT) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, and you will receive a donation receipt for any amount you donate. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
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Hosting + Housing
We love the tradition of taking other dancers into our homes and the sense of community it brings.

Hosts provide a place to sleep (couch, bed, air mattress or even a floor space for those who can bring their own air mattress) and access to a bathroom with a shower. Hosts are not required to provide food, toiletries, towels, bedding or transportation.

Guests are responsible for bringing their own food, toiletries, towels, and in some cases bedding and air mattress. Guests should be respectful of their hosts and their home, clean up after themselves and show appreciation such as through a thank you card, a token gift, treat, etc..

Housing will only be offered to those who have completed their registration and payment by March 15th. We will give priority to the earliest registrations received. We will do our best to match guests with hosts but we cannot guarantee a spot. We anticipate connecting hosts and guests via email one week prior to the event so you can make arrangements.
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Liability Waiver *
I hereby release BluesCENTRAL, its officers, and its volunteers, and all venues associated with BluesCENTRAL from all liability of injury, loss, or damage to personal property associated with this event. I acknowledge that I understand the content of this document. I am aware that it is legally binding and I accept it out of my own free will.
Photo Waiver *
I understand that bluesCENTRAL uses photographs and videos from its classes and events for promotional purposes and grant these groups the right to use and incorporate photographs, sound bites, and videos of me taken at these events, in whole or in part, without compensation, for website, advertising, and promotional purposes. Should I choose to opt out of photographs of me being used for the above purposes, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform bluesCENTRAL at the registration table upon my arrival at snowMELT Blues. (This policy was developed by BluesGEEK Foundation and adapted for BluesCENTRAL.)
Refund and Transfer Policies *
If a registrant can't attend and notifies us by email ( by Feb 21st, we will refund entire payment minus a $5.00 fee. Refund requests made Feb 22-Mar 5 will be 50% refundable. Refunds will not be given for requests made after March 5th. If you can't attend and want to transfer your registration to another person, we'll be happy to work with you to do that for no charge.
Safer Spaces and Code of Conduct Policy
Good etiquette is paramount to making the event enjoyable for everyone. By participating in BluesCENTRAL events, you agree to the following:

-I will make the best effort to be attentive to all participants’ comfort, safety, and enjoyment regardless of their background, race, gender, religion, abilities, or other identity.

-I will practice active and on going consent in my dancing, both in the way I request dances, and in assessing my partners’ comfort and safety with various elements of our dance (physical closeness, dips, etc.). Some of this can be achieved non-verbally, but I will use verbal consent when needed.

-I understand that consenting to a dance is not consenting to anything romantic or sexual in nature. Romantic or sexual advances should never be made during a dance.

-I will respect others’ right to reject or accept a dance, and to end a dance at any point.

-I will be mindful of myself, my dance partner, and my surroundings when I dance. I will not attempt large moves, lifts, kicks, or other movements that may cause injury and/or discomfort to my dance partner, myself, or those around me.

-I will not offer unsolicited advice or comments about someone else’s dancing.

-I will take care of my hygiene including sweat, breath, and body oder.

-I will make my best effort to inform my dance partner, or dance organizers if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

-If I receive feedback from my dance partner about something that causes them discomfort, I will take it graciously and adjust my behavior.

-I will respect all communication of boundaries, such as requests for space, to avoid certain moves, or to end engagement of any kind.

-I will respect the stated identity of all attendees. I will use the names and pronouns given by attendee.

-I will be respectful of the teachers, staff members, DJs, and organizers.

-I am free to provide constructive feedback to teachers, staff, and DJs, but I will do so either through surveys or in private after receiving consent.

-I will make every effort to get to classes and workshops early. If I am unable to get to class on time, I will obtain permission before joining.

-I will respect and focus on the material that is being taught and not try to teach or redirect focus during someone else’s class.

-I understand that infractions that compromise the safety of other attendees, or repeated infractions that compromise the comfort and enjoyment of other attendees will result in my removal from the festival without refund.

We take harassment seriously. If someone’s actions are in the realm of (sexual or otherwise) harassment or abuse, please inform an organizer or staff member.

If you have a police report against you regarding any incident of violence, assault, or rape (regardless of where it may have occurred), or there is a restraining order against you regarding a dancer in our community, you are not welcome at our events.

Staff members will be wearing red ribbons and reflective wrist bands to help you identify us. Please come talk to us with any questions or concerns.
Safer Spaces and Code of Conduct Agreement *
Any other notes or special requests?
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We will send you an email shortly with additional information and payment instructions. Please complete payment within seven days of receiving the payment instructions to secure your spot. If you requested housing, watch for housing assignments a week or two before the event. Thank you for registering for SnowMELT! We can't wait to dance with you!
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