Summer Camp 2020
Required health and emergency forms can be found on our website.

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Child's full name (first and last) to be called at camp. Please only use a formal name IF that is the name you would like them called. *
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Which best defines your child? Please note that there is a $25 registration fee per week (not to exceed $75) for students who are NOT currently enrolled or will NOT be enrolled in the fall at Toddlertime. Our camp is open to the public for children who are 3 and older. Our under 3's is reserved for current and future Toddlertime students. *
Childs gender *
Is your child potty trained? Meaning they toilet independently and DO NOT wear a diaper or pull up during the day. Potty training isn't required but it helps us to know *
Does your child have experience being separated from you outside your home? *
Does your child have allergies requiring an Epi pen? If so, we will need 1. Emergency Medical Protocol Form 2. A locked box labeled with your child's name containing sealed allergy medications with current prescription label(s) 3. Completed prescription medication form(s) for each medicine. Forms are available on our web site. If you are new to school and your child has an allergy please be aware that it takes time to get everything in order. Please contact the office if you need assistance. *
Does your child have any food sensitivies or foods that you would like avoided? We provide snack. During our "Chopped" camp there is a great deal of interaction with food. While we try to balance it with healthy food, there is definitely some sweet treats. We also give popsicles daily. If you answer yes to this, we need a special protocol form filled out in the office. *
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Anything else we need to know? If you would like your camper placed with a friend, you may select one friend and each child must request the other.
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Payment -
Camp Choices by Age
For Toddlertime children who are 18 to 30 months. Our MWF and our T/TH camps run in 2 week sessions. There is an option to extend the day until 12:00 for MWF. PLEASE NOTE AMOUNT DUE BECAUSE CONFIRMATION EMAIL DOESN'T TALLY FOR YOU.
For children who are at least 32 months and are entering a 3's program in the fall. If you are entering the 3's but have a November/December birthday so you won't be 32 months when camp starts, please call the office for options. Weekly sessions Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday from 8:45-12:00 with an option to stay until 1pm. PLEASE NOTE AMOUNT DUE BECAUSE CONFIRMATION EMAIL DOESN'T TALLY FOR YOU.
For children who are or will be at least 4 by 12/31. Weekly sessions Monday-Friday 8:45-1:00pm. PLEASE NOTE AMOUNT DUE BECAUSE CONFIRMATION EMAIL DOESN'T TALLY FOR YOU.
For children who are or will be at least 5 by 12/31. This program is intended for children who have completed a 4's, 5's or kindergarten program. Weeks 1 and 2 are are field trip camps 9-2pm. After that camp is from 9-1pm. PLEASE NOTE AMOUNT DUE BECAUSE CONFIRMATION EMAIL DOESN'T TALLY FOR YOU.
I understand that I need to have all required forms in by June 1st and that my child(ren) cannot attend without the forms. If your child(ren) is/are current student(s) and your medical forms are valid through the summer, then you are all set. For all other children we need 1. Medical form and 2. Emergency Information Form. If your child has allergies, please contact the office immediately as several forms are necessary and take time to produce. These forms can be downloaded from our website. The reason other camps may not require these forms is because we run our camp on our preschool license which has more state requirements than a camp license. *
I understand that payment is due by April 1st or within one week of registration (if after that date) to secure placement. There is a $25 a week (not to exceed $75) application fee per camper for children who do not attend Toddlertime AND will not in the fall. The camp fees less $100 will be refunded if your child is withdrawn before May 1st. After May 1st, your money less a $100 is refunded only if your space is filled. There will be no refunds or make ups for camp absences unless the session is cancelled by Toddlertime. Minimum numbers are required to run each session. Should Toddlertime need to cancel a program, you will be completely refunded. *
Now for all the state required verbiage: I hereby give consent for my child(ren) to participate in the camp program at Toddlertime. I certify that I know of no physical or emotional conditions which would impair my child from participating fully. If necessary, I authorize the persons in charge to secure first aid and/or the services of any legally qualified physician or hospital, and agree to assume all financial obligations. We/I have been provided with Toddlertime's written behavior management policy (located in the parent handbook) and had the ability to discuss the behavior management techniques used at Toddlertime with the administration and I was given opportunity to ask questions. Click here to view our handbook: *
I give permission for Toddlertime to apply sunscreen as needed. *
I give permission for my son/daughter to take walking field trips to the Historical Society and St. Michael's playground. (only for children in the 4's and older program) *
Any questions, comments or concerns?
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