Greece Government Quest 2 CSC.
What period are you in?
What is your school email?
What word below partially means "of the people"?
1 point
How does a Monarchy work?
1 point
A Theocracy is government rule by ______
1 point
Mr. P talked about cultural diffusion. What is that?
1 point
According to this chat, what is "maybe" the most important legacy Greece left us?
1 point
From the time of Hunters and Gathers, we have had someone rise to a position of power. Why is that?
What is the overall best aswer: in some ways these are all right.
1 point
What is Direct Democracy?
1 point
What other words can we use for Direct Democracy?
Check two that are correct-- Only one was mentioned in the Chat--think.
1 point
No questions below will be graded.
What are two questions you have about this CSC or the Quest?
What do you think was the most important idea you heard in this chat?
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