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The past few months have been bittersweet for so many of us as we have heard of the numbers who have died as a result of the Coronavirus, some of them alone and separated from family and loved ones. We have, each one of us, endured the restrictions (closed schools, workplaces and churches) that came our way as we joined together in our fight against the virus. Now as some of the restrictions are slowly being lifted, it is time to look back, review and call to mind what we have learnt during these trying days.
Looking back, three things I missed were
Three things I learnt about myself
Looking forward, three things I wish to see more of....
During this time of lockdown the Parish continued working......
* Mass was streamed every Sunday- thank you Justin for the great service you provided.
*Many of our school families and elderly parishioners were telephoned to see how they were coping.
*Letters were dropped in people's letterboxes inviting them to ring if they had a need.
*Mass was celebrated each day (with family photos) as our priests prayed for all of us
*Our St. Vincent de Paul people were busy supporting a variety of people in need
What more could our priests, parish and ourselves have done for each other?
Would you like the parish to contact you?
If yes, what would be the best way to contact you? Phone, email or other? please leave details
Thank you from St. Monica's Parish Moonee Ponds team
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