Volunteers for campaign on food waste
Save Food Cut Waste is a ground-up movement to educate people, organisations and businesses in Singapore about the environmental and social impacts of food waste, and to encourage them to take action in reducing food waste. Visit http://www.savefoodcutwaste.com or http://www.facebook.com/SaveFoodCutWaste.

We are looking for volunteers to help out on the campaign website and events from Oct to Dec. Here's the good people we are looking for:

1) Content Writers: Interview stakeholders on food waste and write tips on reducing food waste

2) Photographers and Videographers: Record interviews with stakeholders, and show problems or solutions on food waste through images and videos

3) Graphic Designers: Design and layout for web and print

4) Ambassadors: Helping out at events and talks to spread the message on food waste

If you are interested to volunteer, please fill in the details below. Thanks and look forward to working together in reducing food waste in Singapore!
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