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Please use this form to participate in our preview for AWS Lambda monitoring.
After registration, you will receive product notifications and - if selected - new features switched on as soon as they are available.
Participating in this preview is free of charge. Later, pricing for Lambda monitoring will, similar to AWS, be request based.
Please note that AWS Lambda will only be available for Dynatrace and not for AppMon.

About Previews:

- While planned, there is no guarantee that a Preview feature will ever reach GA status.
- Previewed features can be used free of charge during the Preview period, however, they may consume licensing units once they reach GA status.
- Preview features aren't meant to be used in production environments.
- Previews aren't covered by our support team, but rather by product management. SLAs don't apply.
- Qualifying customers are selected based on technical criteria. Final decisions are made by product management and there is no guarantee of participation.
- While participating in a Preview, you agree to stay in touch and provide feedback.
- Previews are available to both SaaS and Managed customers.
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