Photography and Filming Consent
Silverton Primary School is seeking your consent to photograph and film your child participating in a range of activities for the purpose of promoting our school within the community.
These activities include regular classroom and school events such as sporting events, camps, excursions and performances.

With your permission, the photographs and film of your child may be used in the following ways:
• Display on publicly accessible websites
• Social interaction and promotion on social media sites, including (but not limited to) Facebook
• In promotional material, including public advertisements and billboards
• In community newsletters and other communications to the public
• Exhibition displays at local shopping centres

Your child may be identified by first name only in these images/videos.

Please complete by Sunday 19th August

I give permission for images/video footage of my child/children to be used for the purposes as described above by Silverton Primary School. *
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Relationship to student/s *
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