Y5/Kindergarten Registration - 2020/2021
Please fill out the following Registration Form if you would like to register your student for Y5/Kindergarten for the 2020/2021 school year. If you have received a paper copy from your child's preschool teacher from Stockbridge Schools, you DO NOT need to fill this Registration form out.
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Mother's Information
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You may list up to 3 contacts. Please include the following: Last Name, First Name, Relationship, Phone Number(s).
Health Concerns *
Does your child have any health conditions or concerns that we need to be aware of.
In case of Emergency *
I understand that in case of extreme emergency, my son/daughter will be taken to the nearest hospital, which may include transportation by ambulance at my expense. I hereby authorize medical care and agree to pay all expenses incurred as the result of that care.
Field Trip Permission *
I give permission for my child to attend scheduled field trips utilizing school transportation or walking trips to appropriate locations with their class or grade during regular school hours unless I notify you in writing at least one day prior to the event. If students are to be transported by private vehicles, I understand that a separate permission notification will be provided explaining trip location, etc.
Photo Permission *
I give permission to Stockbridge Community Schools to post my child’s name or photo on school websites including the Facebook Fan Page.
Rock Wall Permission *
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