BHF Questionnaire
My goal is to only take on clients who are EXTREMELY motivated to change and get to their goal. If you're only kinda interested then we wouldn't work well together because that's not how I'm wired. I do the best with people who are sick and tired of the same old, are action takers, and are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goal. I've left some questions below for you to answer. Just be honest as you can. Based on your responses I'll then schedule a call if I feel we'd be a good fit. If not I'll kindly let you know and give you advice on how to proceed or send you to someone else.

If that works for you, answer these questions below.
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Age *
Weight *
Body fat: (type in google body fat for men/women. Pick the picture that most closely resembles yourself. Or send a picture to me) *
Foods you can eat everyday *
Foods you hate *
Do you enjoy cardio? Yes or no? *
How many days a week are you willing to work out *
Current training schedule and what you do *
How much time do you have to workout each day *
What changes do you want to see to feel like the program has been successful. BE SPECIFIC *
On a scale of 1-10...1 being I'm satisfied where I am and 10 being ill do anything to reach my goal. What number are you? (This answer is very important, wink wink)
If we decide we are a good fit to work together, I will do everything I can to make it work financially for you. With that said, are you willing to use a credit/debit card, paypal credit, or other resources to make it work on your end? *
My programs are about teaching, not just ordering you around. I tell clients it's a one time investment. I'm not the cheapest but I solve your issue forever. After the program you should never need another coach or program again because I'll teach you every last trick in the book pertaining to diet and exercise. With that said are you willing to invest financially and mentally to reach your goals? *
If accepted how soon are you looking to get started? (if you aren't ready please just wait and schedule when you can. I expect those who feel it's a fit to move forward. Those who don't take action are 95% more likely to continue to do nothing). *
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