2018 Furry Invasion Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at this year's convention! Volunteering is a great opportunity for attendees to help the convention run smoothly, as well as gives you a taste of the back end of the convention. A lot of our new staff members are groomed from the volunteer pool, so you can also consider this a chance to find out if being on actual staff is something that would interest you! Regardless, please know that all your help is greatly appreciated.

This form is to gather some basic personal information, as well as ascertain your availability to volunteer at the 2018 Alamo City Furry Invasion: The Road to Furdition. All information that you submit as part of this form is kept confidential and will not be available to any third party or any other inquiring party. The ACFI would like to assure you that your e-mail address will never be sold or given to any mailing lists. That being said, it is important that you provide your legal name, and at the very least, a valid e-mail that you check regularly. Thank you!

All hours worked through the volunteer system are completely at will, and on a volunteer basis. To clarify, you are acknowledging that any hours agreed to work for the ACFI will not be paid for, and any perks involved are based upon total hours worked at the convention. You MUST keep a record of your hours worked, as well as have these hours verified by volunteer coordination (or other appropriate) staff to receive the perks offered through the volunteer system.

A typical volunteer shift is 2 to 4 hours. While you can designate a preferred department to work your volunteer hours in, it is not guaranteed that you will be needed to work in that area. We understand that your volunteering is at will, and will attempt to have you working in your preferred department, however this is not always possible. If you are only interested in one department, and are not willing to put in volunteer hours in another area, please make sure you notate this in the area provided on this form.

Some hours will be considered either double time, or triple time, based upon the work being done, and involvement in peak (high volume) hours in certain departments. A quick example is that being a door checker (checking badges at events to ensure an attendee is registered) provides one hour of logged volunteer time per hour worked. Helping set up an event (placing chairs, equipment, etc) is considered double time, where you receive two logged hours for every hour worked. If you have any further questions on how this system is applied, please inquire with Vicki Hoffman (SockMonkeySB) at the volunteer coordination e-mail address: safurcon.volunteers@gmail.com

Please be sure to fill out all required information, and be sure to click submit at the end of the process! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to submit them along with this form. There will be an entry area at the end of the form, just before you submit it! Once again, thanks for your time, and your interest in ACFI! We hope to see you there this year!

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