Teen Book Fest Bus Form 2020
This information will allow us to provide you with relevant and up-to-date information about the upcoming Teen Book Festival at our NEW location- Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).
What is your School District/Organization? *
What is the name of your school/program (where the students are coming from)? *
Number of Students *
Number of Adults *
Leader in Charge of Group *
Leader's Email *
Leader's Cell Phone Number (This number will be used in case of emergency on the day of the Festival) *
Can we use this number to send a text message on the day of the Festival? *
Approximate Arrival Time *
Approximate Departure Time *
Additional Adult Contacts/Group Leaders and Cell Phone Numbers (in case of emergency) *
Do you, or your fellow bus leaders, have an RIT connection? If so, please provide any relevant details (e.g., alumni class, major/minor, etc.) so we can appropriately welcome you back to RIT.
TEEN BOOK FESTIVAL CONDUCT AGREEMENT- Please carefully read the following statements and then check the required box below: As the lead chaperone of minors attending an event at RIT, I understand that the safety of all individuals at TEEN BOOK FEST is of the utmost importance. STATEMENT 1. The students in my charge will have a plan for contacting me (or other group members) in case of emergency before entering the Festival. They will know the names of our group leaders and contact numbers.STATEMENT 2. The students in my charge will also be advised of the expectations of RIT. These expectations are as follows:"All visitors will conduct themselves in a way that will not cause a situation which endangers the mental or physical health of any person, or interferes with the events at the Festival. Furthermore, they will not act in a way which obstructs, disrupts, or physically interferes with the use of the College premises, buildings, rooms, or passages, or any other facility of the College." If any of these standards are violated, it is understood that any individual may be asked to leave the Festival premises. *
ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Teen Book Festival strives to make this an enjoyable and memorable event for all who attend. What else should we know so we can make sure you have a great TBF experience? (optional)
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