Tell Us About Your "Ideal" Reseller Partners
By working through this form, it will help you and us to better understand your IPC, the ideal partner configuration to use when searching for Reseller and Referral prospects. Once you complete and submit this information, we'll review and schedule a time to discuss our findings in more depth. The more specific you can be, the better we can pinpoint "the right" partners for you.
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Describe "The Right" Resellers for Your Product / Solution Set
Below we prompt you to start to describe what you think are/would be "The Right" resellers for a specific Product or Solution set.
What is the name of one specific Product or Solution you are seeking Resellers for?
Please submit a separate inquiry for each Product or Solution set. If your product is addressed or spelled in multiple ways and abbreviations, please include all variations
Describe your Product or Solution below, using key words that are typically associated with its category:
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What technical expertise/specialization would your ideal resellers have?
eg. security, CRM, mobility, content management, etc.
What vertical markets would your ideal reseller partners sell to?
eg. healthcare, legal, financial services, etc.
What size customers would your ideal reseller partners mostly be working with?
What type of of business(es) would your ideal reseller partners be selling to:
Certifications for Your Products that Resellers Earn
Lists names, if any, of the certifications your partners earn to use/sell this product
Your Partner Tiers
List names of your partner programs/tiers (if separate from certification)
What kinds of businesses are your Ideal Resellers
List phrases that your partners might use to describe themselves (ie. VAR, MSP, Managed Print Specialist, IT Consultant, etc.)
Solutions Offered
What are the typical technical and marketing phrases typically used by your partners that would indicate they have the right expertise for your “ideal” partner? For example “IT security”, “remote management & monitoring”, “mobility”, etc.
Your Competitors
List vendor names of the competitors to this product
Your Competitors’ Product Names
List names of the competing vendor’s branded product names - including specific model numbers and part numbers if relevant
Names of Adjacent Vendors
List names of the vendors which your partners typically use or sell alongside this product
Names of Adjacent Product Names
List names of the product brand names that are complementary to yours that if a reseller is offering would suggest they could do well selling your solution - including specific model numbers and part numbers if relevant
Important/Relevant Industry Certifications, Licenses, Compliance Status, etc
List any certifications and/or licenses and/or compliance/regulatory credentials your partners typically have - or which you want to know about them having
URLs of 10 best partner performers
List names/urls of 10 of your best partners for us to help optimize our training process (do not include distributors or online catalog sites)
Prioritizations & Important Keywords & Phrases *
Of all the details about your ideal partner above, what would you say is the very top priority you care about (target market, a specific certification, a competitor's partner, etc.) Also, list any other keywords/phrases that would be important indicators
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