The Space 4 Water Portal
The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, in partnership with the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) has developed a web portal focusing on space for water management, referred to as the Space4Water Portal.

The Portal serves stakeholders of both, the space technologies sector and the water sector and aims at strengthening the links between the various actors and communities. The scope is to foster knowledge exchange and bring the benefits of space to humankind, in this very specific endeavor to water management and research.

Among other information featured on the Portal, professional stakeholders who are active in the field of space technologies and/or water research (such representatives of academia, international and national organisations and institutes, as well as civil society, NGOs, research institutes, and the private sector) and with a potential interest in applications of space technologies in their work are invited to participate actively.

Scenario A: An organization offers/publishes a software that is commonly used among practitioners within the community. The organization can be represented at the Portal and all the published software will be linked to it. Furthermore training material, datasets, books and publications can be published. Not only will the organization reach out to an increased number of potential practitioners, but practitioners can also browse through available publications, tools or other sources of knowledge and make an educated choice.

Scenario B: A university institute publishes relevant articles and can add the to the portal to increase its reach among a specific professional audience.

If you/your organization is interested in being featured on the Portal, we would kindly ask you to submit information in the following form.

All sharing of information is voluntary, kindly understand that a minimum of information is necessary for processing on our website.

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