Learning from NGOs for NGOs - current reality, needs and way forward
Here is why this survey is happening and is important - there is NO solid documentation out there that will give NGOs a holistic analysis of how other NGOs (similar to theirs) go about operations, their reality, challenges, best practices and what similar NGOs can learn from each others' successes and failures. We are here to do JUST that :)

Sounds like something that could help your NGO learn and grow? Go for it. Send us inputs about your NGO - we promise it won't take too much of your time.

After we collect all the responses from around 200 other similar NGOs, Grassroots will synthesise all NGOs inputs and get back to you with all key learning, in-depth analysis, insights and takeaways. However, all this useful information and analysis reaches you ONLY if you spend few minutes of yours sending us inputs and information about your NGO. You give some time of yours and take back lot more learning and insights to take your NGO to new heights :)

All your inputs will be kept confidential and made anonymous when sharing back analysis to all participant NGOs.

We wish you and your NGO a very good luck with scaling, deepening impact in future and also look forward to exploring possibility of having you on the Grassroots App soon too :)

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Here are few rapid fire questions to get us started.Tick all the options that are currently true for your NGO. *
Currently, what are the biggest challenges your NGO is facing in terms of operations, scaling, impact and volunteers? For each challenge mentioned, choose the right scale *
Not a problem at all
Is very rarely a problem
Is a problem/concern frequently
Is a big challenge and problem for us
We need to do something about this immedeatly
Finding enough and right volunteers for our events
Core NGO team's time commitment and strength to improve operations, better NGO impact and scale
Volunteer data base documentation for us to reach out to during events and for long term engagement
Social media reach and communication channels
Funding to sustain operations and scale
What channels of communication do you use to reach out to volunteers for events? *
Not used at all
Used at times
Used frequently
Most used channel for getting volunteers
Facebook page
Facebook event
Facebook users sharing details of event
Whatsapp groups with all volunteer base added to multiple groups
Whatsapp - core team sends messages to volunteers individually
Calling potential volunteers individually
Use the help of other connecting NGOs to get volunteers
Core volunteers find more volunteers through word of mouth
How many events does your NGO conduct in a month? *
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On average, how many volunteers would each event need? *
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On average, what percentage of the required volunteers do you end up getting for your events? *Required volunteers - number of volunteers needed to create satisfactory impact through the event *
How many in-house, core volunteers/members does your NGO have? *
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How many years has your NGO been in operation? *
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How does your NGO raise fund for operations and events? *
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What are the causes you NGO is working for? *
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What regions does NGO have operations in? *
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