2022-2023 NC Spot Festival Queen Application

 Thank you for your interest in the 59th North Carolina Spot Festival Pageant. This years Scholarship pageant will be held Saturday, November 5th at the North Carolina Spot Festival.

Below are the key points and new information about the upcoming festival pageant:
-The pageant will be held at and during the Festival.
-Contestant must be a NC resident.
-It is required upon winning that you attend the Festival Both Saturday and Sunday.
-No talent is required but there will be an option to perform on Sunday.
-There is 1 Queen opening.  
-Queen ages 17- 25 ( must be a high school Junior, Senior or enrolling or enrolled in College).
-Queens are required to provide an essay and will be judged solely upon essay, application answers and headshot provided.
-Queens will compete in photogenic, application questions & essay.
-Queen Entry fee is $100 and winner will receive a minimum of $500 scholarship upon completion of year.
-Queen entry fee can also be sponsored by family or a business.
-Scholarship amount is based upon the amount you fundraise through the year with no maximum.
-Queen title is a full year title, you must be willing to do the fundraising required to obtain your scholarship. Please read requirements below.
-This is the Queen application, please find the princess application if you are below 17 years old.

Attached is the official application, rules/regulations, pageant information and more. Make sure you read the rules/ regulations carefully.  The deadline for entry is October 1st, 202 all applications and payments must be submitted by this date.

Queen entry requirements:
-Complete in full and submit this application.
-Pay $100 entry fee. Please submit $100 entry fee payment through paypal or cash to ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com contestant name must be put in the note section with payment. Entry Fee is deadline is October 1st, 2022.
-Provide 1- 8X10 Colored Head shot by October 1st to ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com
-Wear black and white polka dot cocktail dress for crowning on Saturday.
-Write Essay on one of the below topics.
-Be prepared to complete list of yearly requirements below, if you are not able to complete all of these obligations please do not apply.

Scholarship Requirements:
-You must attend school in one of the 100 counties of North Carolina.
-You must be a High school  Senior and/or be enrolled in a North Carolina College.


 NC Spot Festival Queen- Ages 17-25:
-Girls in this division will compete for the title with the categories listed below:

-Photogenic: 10% of your score will be determined on head shot judging. Please provide a clear, professional looking head shot for best scoring.

Head shot requirements:  8x10 Natural colored head-shot, professional editing is okay but no glitz re touching. Will be used for social media and judging.

-Application Responses

- Essay: Essay is due by October 1st. You must write and submit an essay on on of the provided topics.

         Essay Requirements:
  -The essay must address the prompt and meet the minimum requirements listed.
  -All applications must include ALL necessary materials to be considered.
  -Please include a cover page with your essay.
  -Email your essay in PDF Format to ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com by October 1st.
  -Essay must be double spaced with one inch margins in a readable 12 point font and a minimum length of
   three pages. Grammar and parenthetical documentation will be evaluated, as well as content. Must use APA
   Format for both in-body citations and for the reference page at the end of the paper.

    Essay Prompts (Please choose one of the following)

1. How do you think the local fishing industry makes a positive impact on the North Carolina coast?

2. How do you think North Carolina Festivals impact the local communities they represent?

3. What do you think are the most important issues the local fishing industry is facing today?


Pageant Attire: Black and white Polka dot Dress. Dress cannot contain any other colors besides black and white. Dress must be party attire/semi formal, any length is fine. Can be paired with white or black cardigan and black or white tights for warmth if needed. Black, white, gold, silver or nude dress shoes. Babies and toddlers can wear smocked outfits as long as they are solid black and white polka dots.  Please message us on facebook with any questions about attire, we are happy to help you find something.

Festival Attire:
Saturday: Black and White Polka dot Dress, Bring comfortable shoes to walk around festival in after pageant such as black or white Keds, converse, bobs, or like brand.

Saturday evening Attire: Black long sleeve title shirt with either white, black or  white and black polka dot pants. Black or white Keds, converse, bobs, or like brand shoes.

Sunday attire: Festival provided t shirt. You will be given this on Saturday. Please wear with either white, black or  white and black polka dot  pants. Black or white Keds, converse, bobs, or like brand shoes.

*Please keep in mind black long sleeve customized Title shirt must be ordered by October 1st. You will be provided with order form after acceptance. Parents, siblings and grandparents/other may also order one of these shirts as well.

-Scholarship will be awarded in the minimum amount of $500 in the form of check, submitted and addressed to   your College. Transcripts and payment account information will be required. Scholarship must be used no later   than 365 days after relinquishing your title in 2022. You will only be eligible to receive your scholarship upon   completing the below list of requirements:
-Attend at least two NC parades, you will be responsible for parade entry fee and registration.
-Attend at least two NC Festivals in addition to the Spot Festival. .
-Attend the next Spot Festival for crowing of next reign of queen and princesses on November 4th, 2023.
-Wear crown, sash and appropriate attire to any event attending while representing the Spot Festival.
- You also will be allowed to fund raise for your charity of choice. All fundraisers must be approved by the Festival Committee and all funds raised must be toughly documented and paid out.  (optional)
-Attend the official Queen photo-shoot with La Bella Me photography for a discounted price of $225 (Priced at $325 value) in Early Spring 2023.
- Sell a minimum of 10 Business ad's during the year to be featured at the 2023 festival. Information on ad's are listed below.


If you have any questions what so ever please contact us.

Shannon Rinko: Pageant Director            
Email: ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com
Cell: 910-232-8818 (messages will be returned promptly)
Facebook: Like our Page @ https://www.facebook.com/NC.Spot.Festival.Scholarship.Pageant 

Pageant Rules and Regulations:

Contestants, family members, and chaperons will conduct themselves in a proper manner. Entrant agrees with the time, manner, and method of judging and that the decision of the judges is final. Contestants or contestant parents who show disrespect to their chaperone, family, friends, staff, or anyone else at or during a pageant will receive a five-point deduction from each judge, for each incident at the pageant. This incident should be reported to the director and she will investigate the situation before such deductions are applied. Contestants or reigning royalty who shows disrespect to their chaperone, family, friends, staff, or any one at or during or after a  Pageant function or via social media or publicly, may be asked to resign their title.

Crowned Queen will be required to sign a contract at the contract dinner. If entrant is currently holding a title, title must be immediately relinquished in writing signed by contestant, parent and pageant director at the time of contract signing. Contract signing will be held in November at restaurant TBD. Certain Non representative titles may be acceptable, please contact director to discuss this. There are exceptions for certain titles, please contact director with any questions.

Winner of the pageant cannot accept or compete for another title until 60 days before the 2023 Spot Festival Pageant. If for any reason, the winner cannot fulfill her obligation as a North Carolina Spot Festival Queen, she must relinquish her crown, all prizes, and awards to the first runner-up.

Only contestant will receive free entry into the festival each day.

Please arrive fully ready with polka dot dress on, hair and makeup ready. You will only be allowed to change once on Saturday evening into your title shirt outfit in the command trailer. There will be no dressing rooms set up for the pageant, again PLEASE ARRIVE FULLY READY FOR THE PAGEANT.

Please let us know on the application if you would like to perform your talent on Sunday.

The contestant understands and agrees that the NC Spot Festival, Pageant Committee or Festival, Festival grounds are not responsible for personal injuries or loss of personal property during the rehearsal period, pageant and Festival weekend.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will result in disqualification from this pageant or loss of crown.
.The North Carolina Spot Festival has the right to refuse any contestant who is not complying to this application or that has not submitted the proper requirements by the deadline or from any other reason the Pageant committee sees fit from completing in the NC Spot Festival Scholarship Pageant. All Fees paid will not be reimbursed

NC Spot Festival Scholarship Pageant Information

Ad sales-
As part of your scholarship requirements you must sell a minimum of ten Ad sales.
-All ad's cost $100
-Ad's are 11X17 Banners on the Festival Stage Fencing. These will be placed along side of all other Festival and pageant sponsor banners. These will be seen by the festival attendees (5,000-10,000 guest)
-Business must provide logo and information they would like featured on the banner or website link if they have no preference of what is featured on ad.
-Website banner on the www.ncspotfestival.com
-You may sell as many ads as you would like over the required 10.
-Ads do not have to be purchased by a business, groups and individuals may also purchase ad space.
-All ad information and money must be turned in by October 1st, 2022. However please turn all money in as you receive it.
-Ad sale business sponsor letter to provide when collecting can be found on our facebook page @ncspotfestivalpageant please download and save pdf to take with you when collecting.

-Ad money can be cash or paypal.
-Cash can be dropped off with Kelly or Shannon, Please message us for a meeting location.
-Paypal send to paypal address ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com payment must have business name in notes.

No refunds whatsoever for ads or parent payments under and circumstances.


Dates and Times:

November 5th-
Pageant 12 pm
Please arrive to the festival grounds no later than 11:30, Please ensure you arrive early enough to get through parking and admission gate lines. Traffic can also be heavier during the festival weekend sometimes causes delays.
 You will be allowed to leave the festival grounds at 6 pm on Saturday if you wish however you can stay for the night band that comes on at 7:30 pm, the festival ends at 10:30 pm.

Dinner will be provided to the Queen and princess court at 5:30 pm!

There will be a Princess/Queen Tent set up in the vendor section where we will have raffle tickets. Queen and Princess will take turns under tent, walking around enjoying the festival, participating in festival events etc.
November 6th-
Arrive at 10 am
Performances (tentative 2 pm) this time may change once the festival books bands. There will be a Princess/Queen Tent set up in the vendor section where we will have raffle tickets. Queen and Princess will take turns under tent, walking around enjoying the festival, participating in festival events etc.
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You do understand that you are required to sell a minimum of 10 ads however you name sell as many as you would like over the 10. The more ads sold, the higher the scholarship you will receive. Do you understand this? *
Would you like to perform a talent on Sunday? *
If answered yes to the above question, what will your talent be? Please email mp3 cut and ready file to ncspotfestivalpageant@gmail.com with princess name and talent info by October 1st.
What size shirt will contestant need for title long sleeve shirt in November 2022? These are Fitted shirts. Please type number size as well as infant, toddler, child or adult. Cost $28 due by October 1st. *
Would you like to order parent, sibling, grandparent or other title shirts? If yes please list number size and infant, toddler, child or adult for each shirt. Plus what they person would like on shirt (example: brother, mom, nana, grandma, dad, aunt etc.) Shirts are $28 each. You will be invoiced for all shirt options you list. Due by October 1st.
Can you fulfill all obligations listed to receive your scholarship? *
Current Academic GPA: *
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