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What is the name of Legacy's Student Newspaper?
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What is the name of Legacy's Yearbook?
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What is the name of our broadcast program?
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Which of the following is NOT included in the purpose for Legacy publications?
Who does the Legacy Student Media Department cover?
We are responsible for properly identifying sources. Each story must have at least ___ sources.
Editorial (opinion) content must be based in _____.
What company published the yearbook?
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How often is the online newspaper updated?
Which of the following is not a professional organization?
What is the fundamental thing we should get correct in a story for accuracy?
Each journalism student should keep interviews, notes and quotes in a _____.
Where does supplemental money come from?
Letters to the Editor and online comments must be ______.
What does the administration (Board of Education) pay for in the journalism department?
How many "unique visitors" does the online newspaper get per week? (on average)
A student can earn a letter jacket in journalism.
What is the basic rule for "use of equipment" in journalism?
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Students are not allowed to ________________ on the computer?
Photos, stories or videos created for student publications belongs to whom?
Journalism students can Google music or photos to be used for graphics in publications?
If a student commits suicide at Legacy High School, all student publications will _____.
Students ____ use materials on personal social media accounts.
If someone demands we take down a story from the online newspaper, they must ____
Who owns the copyright to materials created in journalism (stories, videos, photos, etc)?
Which is the best intro for entering a classroom?
The overall Legacy High School Journalism experience should encourage students to become more ___________.
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