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Much of your time at the LL would be spent testing and refining assignments, but in your down time we'd like to help you learn a specific skill. Which MEDIUM (or MEDIA) would you like to specialize in as a LLUF? No previous experience required, but you will have to be cool with learning difficult stuff, so only check the things you're really excited about. We want you to become expert enough to design assignments, help produce materials relevant to the medium that can go on our website, and provide guidance on working in this medium to other Harvard undergrads at workshops and hackathons. *
In a couple of paragraphs, tell us a bit about you, your interests, and why you'd like to join us this year in the Learning Lab. Feel free to explain why you are interested in the media you checked above---and what you'd like to do with them. If you have a specific project idea already, let us know! *
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